Cities shape the lives and outlooks of the people that live in them. Chico has formed a distinct identity, distinguishing itself from other cities. If you ask anyone who has lived here for any extended period of time they will tell you our quality of life is second to none.

Chico is home to the beautiful Bidwell Park which is the second largest park in the nation. We are home to the famous Sierra Nevada Brewery that produces arguably the best craft beer in the world. And now, Chico has it’s very own baseball team! The Chico Heat, named after the unmistakable effect created from high intensity summer time temperatures.

What makes Chico truly amazing is the people who live here, our community. Now we have a team to rally around. A place we can go and be social, with a common goal of rooting for our home team. There is an undeniable benefit to having “our” own team. Even people who don’t attend games benefit from having a home team to root for, brag about and sometimes even complain about. America’s pastime is once again alive and well in Chico, CA.

The Chico Heat are here to help make Chico an even better place to live. A better place to raise a family. Nettleton Stadium is simply another jewel in the crown that we call Chico. A safe, affordable, social environment to build and create emotional ties and bonds around summertime experiences that are formed to last a lifetime.

Years from now, reminiscing on the past, no one will ever remember who won or lost. What they will remember is how they felt that summer at the ballpark. They will remember theat affinity of their hometown team.

Chico is our hometown and the Chico Heat is our hometown team!