Ownership Group

Steve Nettleton


Steve, along with his wife Kathy, have been ardent in their love of Chico, and in sharing their good fortune with these respective organizations that provide educational opportunities, life-saving services and life-changing guidance for young people growing up in Chico. Their greatest pleasure has been in donating substantial gifts toward the construction and development of these well deserving organizations.

Steve and Kathy have lived in Chico since 1971 and, like many of their good friends, have given untold hours of time and support to the many other deserving organization in the community. Their “good works” continue to help the community, and they feel blessed to be a part of their cherished Chico, California. “It is very exciting for me and Kathy to have the Chico Heat return to Nettleton Stadium. Our Beloved mascot, HEATER, will soon return to his many fans.

Recognized within the Chico community as a successful businessman, community leader, philanthropist, volunteer and major supporter of organizations such as California State University, Chico, The Boys and Girls Club of Chico and Enloe Medical Center of Chico. Mr. Nettleton has served as president for both the Chico Rotary Club and Chico Chamber of Commerce. He has served on the boards of all three of the above-mentioned organizations as well as Tri Counties Bank and North State National Bank.